During this course, Structure, Execution and Task (S-E-T) is explored in detail. Practical strategies are established refine the way you use S-E-T. Then Structure, Execution and Task are reviewed for each participant to establish new routines for greater success. This course improves the understanding of S-E-T and provides opportunity to improve key elements of each.
Pre-requisite: 3100 Business Orientation Consultation
Recommended: Foundations for Success Groupwork
  • Workshop Objectives
  1. Identify the ways their current S-E-T Flow is affecting their business.
  2. Identify the key factors that support Structure, Execution and Task.
  3. Identify the areas that need improvement in their use of S-E-T.
  4. Employ strategies to enhance the use of S-E-T.
  5. Create new routines and projects based on the correct use of Structure, Execution and Task.
  6. Motivate themselves to refine the way they use S-E-T.

Duration: 8 Hours

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