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3000 Business Function Identifier Consultation (BFI)
This Profile is at the leading edge of individual and organizational development.  It gives the individual insights that keep them on track in all their business opportunities. It gives the organization the ability to combine individuals in such a way that their natural strengths and abilities can be used to create a synergistic force beyond anything possible before. 

During this consultation, you receive your Primary Function, the inner core of qualities that supports your business identity, clarifies your role as a member of a team or in any structure, and instills purpose and meaning to your actions.  Your Primary Function defines your niche, provides a pivot point and stability to all your endeavours.  When operating from your Primary Function, your course of action is instinctual and you are impelled forward by the force inherent in this Function. 

You understand more about your unique qualities, how to use your Primary Function synergistically with others, removing obstacles, and pitfalls that undermine your effective teamwork.  You learn about each of the nine Business Functions and receive three keys for working effectively with each Function.   You are shown how to magnify your ability to experience dynamic synergy as part of a team and self-empowering information to maintain your unique identity while working with others.  60-90 minutes   Prerequisite: None

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3100 Business Orientation Consultation (BOP)
This advanced business consultation helps you to pivot from the areas of your greatest strengths.  You begin to feel secure in any situation without a need to compete. You learn how you are using the parallel forces of accomplishment so you marshall these natural systems to achieve greater success and fulfillment. The three distinct sections in this consultation lead to a fuller understanding of the facts of the business of your life. 

The first section provides a gauge on how you are using the three universal forces of manifestation - Structure, Execution and Task (S-E-T). You obtain the order you are currently using, the percentage of unfoldment of each, and keys to enhancing the flow of energy for more efficient accomplishment. Through employing these forces more effectively, you empower yourself to manifest what you want more consistently. 

The Niches are four steps in the creative process beginning with inspiration through achievement of the goal.  While these steps are dynamic and interdependent, your Primary Niche, the innate area of your greatest strength, is the focus of the second section of the consultation.  The Primary Niche is area in which you naturally excel with maximum incentive, inner security, and confidence.  It is the area of greatest fulfillment where you can regroup and reenergize yourself.  During the consultation you find out how you work for and against yourself through your Primary Niche.   In addition to receiving the order of your niches, you also find out your Complementary Niche – the niche that magnifies your efforts.

The three Management Styles, methods of conducting business, are covered in the final section of the consultation. You receive your Primary Management Style, which is your key to understanding how you manage your life and your business.  You understand the types of situations in which this Style is most effective and where your greatest success lies.60 Minutes Prerequisite: None
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3101 Business Thrust Consultation
In this Profile you receive your Business Thrust, the innate force that has and will always impel you forward in business - the key to motivation and fulfillment. You learn how your Business Thrust inherently helps you to sustain a balance of feeling and thought in your life. Your Business Thrust provides the purpose and direction to your business, creates a buffer against environmental pressures, assists in determining priorities, penetrates obstacles, and attracts customers.  During the consultation you are able to clarify solutions to the specific pitfalls that consistently undermine you in the exercise of your business.  Your Business Thrust creates the innate competencies - Inner Resource Divisions – where you have natural abilities which in turn supports your Thrust.  For each Inner Resources Division three strengths and one undermining issue are discussed.  You gain insights to stay regrouped and on pivot with the ability to empower yourself through conscious use of your Business Thrust.  90 minutes;.  Prerequisite: 3100 Profile.
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