Groupwork Objectives
  1. Complete projects efficiently and successfully through the use of the building blocks of Structure, Execution and Task.
  2. Replace the concepts that inhibit success; such as outer authority, timing, withholding, permission and escape in business situations with self-empowering concepts that attract success.
  3. Identify the facts about their own uniqueness and that of other people.
  4. Demonstrate a deeper sense of inner security about being their success and how to foster that in others.
  5. Clarify how and why they can learn and grow from all their experiences in business.
  6. Identify the strengths within their primary niche in order to make practical use of them in business.
  7. Recognize how all the niches work and how to maximize the key qualities of each.
  8. Transition their business to a mature business.
  9. Identify the Strengths and Weaknesses of their Management Style.
  10. Use their Management Style more effectively.
  11. Set up effective systems for check and recheck in business.
  12. Identify the keys to effective communication across departmental lines in business.
  13. Establish the foundation for creating synergy with their organization.

Duration: 12 three hour Sessions = 36 Hours

Prior to this Groupwork, each participant needs to receive a one-on-one Business Orientation consultation. This advanced business consultation helps the participant pivot from their area of greatest strength. They will learn about their primary niche (area of greatest strength), the innate order of their niches, and the percentage unfolded in each. They will find out the order they work with Structure, Execution and Task and the effect this flow creates in their life and career. They also receive information on how and who they can easily form Complementary Relationships with; the nature of their management style; and keys for their personal Motivation and Regrouping.

The Groupwork then develops the participants understanding of the Business Orientation Profile. By coming into alignment with themselves and the natural order behind all critical for effective teamwork. They
receive information on how to apply their innate strengths to realize more fulfillment. These participants will be highly organized to manifest their success and act as examples for others in the organization.
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