Under the auspice of SET International, Leonie Chappell is intimately involved with the development and training of new programs for the advancement of Individuals and Business organizations to realize their potential.
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Leonie Chappell, is an Entrepreneur and Change Management Expert. She cofounded SET International when she retired as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Australian Air Force in 1996. Leonie embodies the commitments of SET International Inc. Her passion is to help organizations develop highly productive teams to deliver organizational goals on target.

Ms. Chappell created her current "Great Opportunity" after realizing that "Confidence (inner and outer)" really makes a difference to productivity and profitability. Seizing the opportunity. She distilled a series of process consultations and seminars enabling clients to initiate action. These organizational change programs include organizational and one-on-one team member consultations. The programs create room for exploration and discovery without judgment, employing real-time feedback and adapting to individual needs.

Leonie connects immediately with what is important to her client, developing flexible programs compatible with the organizational structure and designed to eliminate organizational resistance. Productivity is impacted minimally during the training consultation is in process. Programs are designed in partnership with management, incorporating department objectives and schedules.


After 22 years service, Leonie retired as a Squadron Leader in the Royal Australian Air force in 1996.

Her 29 years of management and training experience include:  

  • Occupational analysis, the creation of job specifications and the design of training requirements across a vast range of technical and non-technical fields. 
  • Upgrading systems – the creation of effective training systems and administrative processes.
  • Facilitating major training and project development conferences that have significant strategic business direction components.
  • Conducting specific short and long term corporate training to meet the needs as identified in discussions.
  • Identifying the strengths of members or the key players on any team with a minimum of time lost to the work place.  This is a critical component to the training she does to help organizations manage change.
  • Selection of staff for retention, promotion and training.
  • Selection of applicants for Service in the Royal Australian Air Force.
  • Radio and Television programs throughout Australia helping people to unfold their skills in handling life’s situations.
  • Completed “Lifeline Training” and provided a crisis intervention service.
  • She has a Degree in Mathematics and Physics and a Diploma in Education.