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Seminar Objectives:

  1. Learn how to step forward with integrity and combine their energies and business with others without loss of integrity or direction.
  2. Experience synergy in its highest form.
  3. Understand the Teamwork Orientation Profile and how to use the information contained in it practically.
  4. Recognize their real opportunities!
  5. Learn how to realize freedom and fulfillment through teamwork!

Duration: 16 Hours (2 Days - In-depth) 8 Hours (1 Days - Basic)

This seminar will give the participant a glimpse of what all they've done for themselves has been leading to. They have learned how to establish complementary relationships that buffer and support their empowerment. Now they are going to learn how to step forward with total integrity and combine their energies and businesses with others without any lose of integrity or direction. They are going to begin to experience synergy in its highest form. This glimpse will help them understand their Teamwork consultations even more and create a hunger for being a part of this vital step in their evolution!

Pre-requisite: Building business & Personal Power through Complementary Relationships and have experienced the 3103 Teamwork Orientation Consultation.