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About Us
  1. SET presents a paradigm for success.
  2. SET's programs support the natural release of natural momentum.
  3. SET consistently customizes the delivery of programs and consultations to maximize results.
  4. SET's programs involve interactive and experiential learning opportunities.
  5. SET's comprehensive curriculum supports and stimulates rapid individual and team transformation.
  6. SET simplifies communication for maximum information exchange.
SET works with individuals by promoting their understanding of:
  1. Their unique success factors
  2. Their ability to Magnetize their Success
  3. How to establish Complementary Business Relationships
  4. How to be effective in Teamwork without losing individuality
  5. How to create high levels of Synergy

    This is accomplished by SET through:
    1. One-on-one Profiles
    2. Specifically designed Training's
    3. Workshops and Seminars
    4. Retreats
    5. Mentoring and informal discussions.
SET works with the organization by:
  • Presenting brief information sessions and workshops for senior executives.
  • Completing Consultations specially oriented to organizational needs.
  • Conducting Evaluation Sessions with designated Key Executives to maximize the benefit to the organization from Consultations, etc.
  • Conducting Team building and Coordination sessions with participants and management.
  • Facilitating upgrades to strategic planning.
  • Completing Big Picture Organizational Consultations relating to Company as a whole or Departments giving management information and options.
  • Providing monitoring and supports at all levels.
Step by Step How SET works with the Organization

Step by step how SET works with the Organizations It's developing the potential of the individuals within!

Service Descriptions

  1. Offers an introductory presentation to the senior executives. It is entitled "Foundations for Success."
  2. Offers a Magnetizing Your Success Workshop.
  3. Does Evaluation Sessions with designated Key Executive giving and showing how to use info contained therein from Profiles, etc
  4. Does Team building and Coordination sessions with all participants and management.
  5. Helps with strategic planning as more options open for organization to explore.
  6. Does Big Picture Organizational Profiles relating to Company as a whole or Departments giving management information and options never experienced before.
  7. Works hand in hand with the organization to create maximum utilization of each person Individually.
  8. We help the organization see how to combine each individual into teams that will achieve Synergy at levels never thought possible before.
  9. Monitors and supports at all levels.
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