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Individual Consultation: During a one-on-one consultation in which you receive information that focuses on solutions and expansion of your inner Entrepreneur. The consultant obtains this information through a discernment technique without testing. You validate the insights through discussion of your experiences. The Consultation will help you realize a facet of yourself that will lead you to pinpoint key strengths and business strategies, to increase awareness of pitfalls, to gain keys for removing obstacles to - your success, and to tap more of your potential. Making this information conscious puts you in a position to consolidate and to build from elevated and more solid foundation.

Organizational Consultation: During an organizational Consultation the consultant works with senior executives to identify areas within the organization that could benefit from improvement or expansion. The consultant uses a discernment technique to obtain this factual information that is eminently useful to the organization in maximizing resources, optimizing team dynamics, and creating synergistic relationships. Organization Consultations are customized by the SET Inc. professional based on inputs from senior executives about organizational structure, needs, and objects. Contact SET Inc. for additional information on these powerful tools.