3100-S Business Orientation Profile Swing Update
To appreciate the progress you have made in your business expansion as well as highlight additional areas for growth, you can experience the Swing Update any time after receiving the Business Orientation Profile.  This consultation pinpoints the areas that are affected by stress. Each section of the BOP – S-E-T, Niches and Management Styles – is updated so you obtain a big picture of your current unfoldment.   Areas with which you need the most help at this time are probed and solutions are discussed.   This consultation can provide keys to remove obstacles and unlock hidden potential, allowing you to empower yourself to the next level of business success. 60 Minutes.   Pre-requisite 3100 Profile
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3102 Complementary Business Thrust Consultation
This Profile reinforces the base you have built in the Business Orientation and Business Thrust consultations by helping you to identify the types of people who are complementary to you and your Business Thrust. You learn special keys to help you discern a complementary relationship or its absence. You begin to understand your Complementary Thrust and the facets which are the integral parts of complementary relationships. You are given solutions to pitfalls that undermined your ability to form complementary relationships. Insights about the five Resource Areas you can us to maintain your complements are discussed.
1 Hour; Prerequisite: 3101 Profile
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3103 Teamwork Orientation Consultation
In this Profile, you receive your Teamwork Key, the essence of the expression of your service to a team. It expresses your uniqueness, purpose, and contribution to a team in its highest form.   You become aware of the key feelings and thoughts that support you in teamwork; and the solutions to pitfalls that undermine your ability to work with a team.   To create more benefit and fulfillment in your teamwork, you receive supportive attitudes to implement, the facts about your contribution, and the rewards you can reap from this expanded teamwork energy.  You have an opportunity to integrate the Business Orientation, Business Thrust, and Complement Thrust consultations. Keys and pitfalls are given for your Primary Niche, Business Thrust and Complementary Thrust to expand your ability to work synergistically as part of a team. 
120 Minutes.   Pre-requisite: 3102 Profile.
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3104 Scale of Success Consultation
This consultation helps you, the Entrepreneur, appreciate, coordinate and organize what you have done for yourself from a holistic perspective. You learn how the energy of the three forces - Structure, Execution and Task - are focused through your Business Function then distributed to your Business Thrust in order to manifest your Business. .  Your Business Thrust is your Business and the Business Function is the pivot point and the how for doing your Thrust.

Your Primary Niche acts as a nut that holds and secures the Business Function in place.  The Niche is the mode through which you express your Business Function and Thrust.  The Complementary Thrust acts as a washer or buffer to minimize wear and tear, and to support the overall function of the Scale of Success.  The integrity of all these parts determines your Scale of Success.  The degree to which you operate your life and business in a balanced way is reflected in the Balance of Feeling and Thought percentages.

Your percentage of integrity working with the Business Function for each part determines which part is supporting you the most and which the least.  You receive a key to help integrate each with the Business function and a pitfall that undermines that integrity.  The integrity of all these parts determines your Overall Business Integrity.  The summary key brings the consultation into focus and may include suggestions for future improvements. 120 minutes.  Pre-requisites: 3000, 3100, and 3101 Profiles. Recommended: 3102 Profile.
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3105 Self Empowerment Consultation I - Determinators
In this consultation you learn about the four Supporters, key areas that encourage self-empowerment and lead to master solutions.  You discover the degree to which you are already implementing these areas as well as the opposing force that works against each Supporter.  Explore pitfalls and solutions to realize the full expression of your potential.-Offered during Course 2109-Exercises in Self Empowerment; cost included in Workshop price. Pre-requisite: 3100 Profile. Highly recommended: 3000 and 3101 Profiles. When offered as an individual consultation: 60 – 90 Minutes
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3106 Self Empowerment Consultation II - The Flow
Receive a snapshot of where you are investing your time – Past – Present – Future – in this powerful consultation.  Explore five tendencies that hold you in the Past and five that push you into the Future. You learn to accomplish more in the now by penetrating to the essence of each situation. This puts you in the Flow which supports your purpose, goals, and business success.Offered during Course 2109-Exercises in Self Empowerment; cost included in Workshop price. Pre-requisite: 3100 and 3105 Self Empowerment Profiles I. When offered as an individual consultation: 90–120 Minutes
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3107 Self Empowerment Consultation III - Navigational Chart
This consultation enhances your ability to discern solutions and implement them in your life and business.  Armed with new tools, you empower yourself to navigate successfully the challenges to stay in the Flow of your business of life.Offered during Course 2110-Self Empowerment Clinic; cost included in Workshop price.  Pre-requisite: 3100, 3105, and 3106 Profiles, and Course 2109-Exercises in Self Empowerment.When offered as an individual consultation: 90 – 120 Minutes
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3108 The Business Energy Center Consultation

This consultation provides a snapshot how you are managing the energy flow in your business form impression or inspiration through to realization of a product or service; the transformation of inner S-E-T to outer S-E-T. Your energy and success in business come from the seven Business Energy Centers and your ability to pinpoint when one center is under pressure. The health of your business is a reflection of the health of each of these centers. Deficiencies in one or more of these centers will result in not manifesting the degree of well being and success you want. Improvements can occur when you increase the energy, balance, and vitality in the affected centers. In this consultation you learn the percentage of energy in each Center as well as a key, pitfall, and solution of expanding the energy in each Center. A detailed description of each Business Center is provided.

  1. The Entrepreneur - (Direction)
  2. The Foundation - (Accounting)
  3. The Incubator - (Development)
  4. The Law - (Legal)
  5. The Projector - (Planning)
  6. The Assimilator - (Marketing)
  7. The Distributor - (Product/Service)

90-120 Minutes
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3108-A-G Business Energy Centers In depth Consultation
This series of seven consultations is designed to probe each Business Energy Center to unlock the power and to create balance. You explore the six competencies of each Energy Center, receiving the percent of understanding you have of each as well as a pitfall and solution  Implementing the solutions provided, can improve the condition and health of your Business Energy Center, giving you a feeling of wholeness and fulfillment. You see which competencies you needed to expand for maximum benefit.  This consultation puts you in charge of your success in life and business by healing each Energy Center through a self-expansion technique. 60 – 90 Minutes, for each Energy Center
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3108-B The Foundation In-Depth (click here)
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3108-D The Law In-Depth (click here)
3108-E The Projector In-Depth (click here)
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