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  • Workshop Objectives
  1. Strengthen and nourish their Entrepreneurial Spirit.
  2. Establish routines to build a solid foundation to support their innate success.
  3. Experience what living really means.
  4. Discern how to widen and expand their opportunities to learn and grow.
  5. Accept responsibility enthusiastically for creating their dynamic business.
  6. Learn how to keep personal and Social out of Business.
  7. Experience a technique that releases tension and energizes us.

Duration: 3 Hours

This workshop enables participants to take full responsibility for creating their life and business. They learn how to work with the three Universal Forces of Structure, Execution and Task (SET). They learn how to use these forces in their correct natural order. Understanding the mechanics of each force and it's purpose. They experience how they can manifest their success in a consistent manner on a daily basis. They are put into a position where they can practice using the formula of S-E-T until it becomes a conscious part of their life. They realize they can be the Producer, Director and Actor of their own life and business. Pre-requisite: none