Groupwork Objectives
  1. Identify the facts about their own Business Thrust.
  2. Identify the strengths of their Inner Resource Divisions in order to make practical use of them in business.
  3. Recognize how Business Thrusts work.
  4. Enhance teamwork through the use of the information contained in the Business Thrust Profile.
  5. Clarify the impact of the system of Structure, Execution and Task on the successful use of business talents.
  6. Enhance the foundation of inner confidence to improve their ability work collaboratively with others.
  7. Create routines that promote success for the individual.
  8. Create an Alarm System to promote success in business.
  9. Motivate self and others through understanding their innate talents.
  10. Demonstrate how to use their innate abilities to organize and project energy.
  11. Improve the synergy within their organization.

Duration: 10 three Hour sessions = 30 Hours

Participants expand on understanding the secret of their power: their Business Thrust. Clarify how to capitalize on their strengths and minimize their weaknesses in their business pursuits. Identify and understand their inner talents that create the keys to their own self-empowerment and maintain their own inner authority. Get their thrust so regrouped that they'll automatically project it into everything they do. Create an alarm system that enables them to ensure that their success is not undermined. They are put into a position where they can stay regrouped and on their pivot point with the ability to self-empower themselves through conscious use of their business thrust.
Pre-requisite: 3100 Business Orientation Consultation and 3101 Business Thrust Consultations
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