SET and it's leaders give everything from keynote addresses at conventions to individual and group workshops for government, civic, service club, service clubs and associations. The theme always deal with different aspects of realizing human and organizational potential. Depending on the amount of time allowed, these presentations can include practical techniques designed to be used in our daily life and business. These presentations define the challenges and offer solutions in a simple, exciting and inspiring form.

Presenters will share the keys to inner and out success. They will help individuals understand that success is innate to all people and that only our environment programming interferes with that natural process. The presenters show the individual that the keys to self-empowerment are simple and need only the discipline to implement on a consistent basis.
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  • Foundations for Success
  • Being Effective in Personal, Business and Social
  • Building a Foundation For Effective Teamwork
  • How to Produce, Direct and Act Out Our Success
  • Realizing Personal and Organizational Potential
  • Mastering the Four Cycles of Business
  • Inspiration, Involvement and Creativity
  • Realization of Our Own Leadership Potential
  • Keys to Individual and Organizational Empowerment
  • Realizing Synergy as a Natural Process
  • Exercising the Entrepreneurial Spirit
  • Being the "Cause" Not the Effect