This book has been created for the purpose of giving people back the simple and practical knowledge they need to empower themselves to realize their innate success. Each of us is unique, the understanding and the full application of that uniqueness guarantees us fulfillment and success.

Our self image, blockages and limitations are created by our environmental conditioning. This book has been written in order to stimulate and help people to take back their power. The steps for building the foundation for our success are contained within.

Step 1 is to follow the Universal Formula of Structure, Execution and Task (S-E-T) in that order. If we do this we take charge of our life and business consciously. We become the Producer or Writer, Director and Actor of our business. Tom believed that in his early years in business he unconsciously followed this formula and used it successfully to magnetize much success. Then because he didn't understand what he was doing, he lost it and had to spend many years searching for why he no longer was living his success. In his search he discovered how to stay in charge of this process of using these three forces of Structure, Execution and Task in that order.
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