Ms. Spraggins has extensive experience in leading workshops, mentoring and offering private consultations to assist the development of entrepreneurs and career minded individuals. She honed her skills during 20 years in the corporate environment providing administrative support in a variety of business situations. Marvelous has no fear in proposing solutions to the fundamental issues associated with personal professional growth. This is all done in a manner that respects the individual but with a confidence in execution that smoothes the path to success.

Ms. Spraggins' practical advice is based on her first hand experience. She easily translates her insight into the problem to action and organization. Marvelous is particularly effective in improving customer service resulting in increased revenue this is based on her instructional and organizational skills. Her way of creating simplified and organized approaches to situations means she is able to draw on her considerable experience while instructing courses and providing other SET services.

Marvelous firmly believes that everyone has what it takes to be successful. She lives her life ensuring that goals and targets are a natural part of her day. She has an international network of people she mentors and is highly sought after for her abilities in discerning the cause of problems.
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