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Seminar Objectives

  1. Understand for their pivot point in their Business.
  2. Use the strength of their personal identity as they discern what consistently works for them.
  3. Define their uniqueness and their Service.
  4. Identify how all the other Functions work with others.
  5. Create a solid platform from which to spring forth and expand their Business.
  6. Work as a part of a team from their Functional pivot point!

Duration: 16 Hours (2 Days)

This seminar gives the individual a chance to strengthen their Business Identity. They are put into a room with a variety of other Business Functions. They are given the opportunity ot internalize their own Business Functions for more simple and practical application. They see how to work cooperatively with other Business Functions in Teamwork. They learn how to appreciate themselves and others, thereby making them more successful and adaptable in their life and business. They learn how they receive and distribute their business energy efficiently.
Pre-requisite: 3000 Experienced the Business Function Identifier Consultation.