Ms. Spencer has over 20 years of increasing responsibility in training, accounting, administration, cost/schedule control, financial management, office management, contract, monitoring, reporting, planning, and budgeting. Specifically, she has been instruction courses, presenting lectures, and facilitating encounter groups since 1974. Mara has assisted with the preparation of training materials and courses. She is in great demand as a trainer of consultants. Mara has an international network of people she mentors.

Mara is a living example of a person who is able to coordinate many differing complex priorities. As is evident from her professional experience (outline below) she has built a formidable career by using simple procedures, and consistent discipline. This has manifested a real life full of opportunities. Whatever she sets her mind to do she can accomplish. She as an instinctive understanding of the communication needed for success in any situation.

Ms. Spencer is also experienced in computer operations, spreadsheet analysis, database administration, and the application of information management techniques to business, academic, and government problems. Ms. Spencer understands the fine balance between analyzing the situation using her exceptional intellectual skills and using her highly developed people skills to resolve problems. She is able to capitalize on these very different skills to produce excellent permanent results. She understands how to create change and innovation not only in highly technical environments but also in management situations. Her abilities to plan approaches to complicated management situations are bases on her ability to instinctively know what the best approach for her has been enhance through her business experiences. She is a tower of strength in any situation.

In her current role as an instructor with Success Empowering Techniques, Ms. Spencer is passing on her knowledge in the firm belief that with the right information and experience everyone can be successful.
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